Children's Grief Center Inclusion and Equity

Inclusion and Equity Statement

We at the Children’s Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region value diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. Grief is just about the most inclusive experience we know, at some point every person will experience it in their lifetime. Sadly, when it happens to a child, it tends to create heightened exclusivity as they walk that journey alone and become isolated by their peers. Grief has no income level, age, race, religion, sexual identity, prejudice, or bias, hence neither do we in our mission to support children and families who grieve. Our goal is that we treat everyone, staff, volunteers, Board members, advocates, and all people in the communities we serve, equally with the highest regard and respect, and without prejudice.

We continue to grow as a small nonprofit serving several unique communities all with varied diversity. We are challenged daily to discover our own weaknesses and biases, and in trusting this process, we become our best true selves as our awareness creates change for a better world of equality for all humanity.